Dark Mode List

🌟 League Tower 🌟

Independent sports and gaming news

🌟 Honeybadger 🌟

Honeybadger simplifies your production stack by combining error, uptime and check-in monitoring into a single, easy to use platform.

🌟 MacWise 🌟

Terminal Emulation for Macintosh

⭐️ Wedsites ⭐️

Project management for weddings

⭐️ Xojo ⭐️

Cross-platform development tool for making native apps for Desktop, Mobile, Web and Pi.

⭐️ WriteMapper ⭐️

Turn your ideas into text documents using mind maps.

⭐️ Boxy Suite ⭐️

The best Gmail and Google Calendar clients for Mac

Night Eye

Dark mode on any site like Google, Facebook, Github, Stackoverflow, Medium and more

⭐️ Progress Bar OSX ⭐️

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time

Nomad List

Best Cities to Live and Work Remotely

MacBook Alarm

Secure your 👩‍💻 laptop with an 🚨 alarm

Forecast Bar (Mac)

The most accurate and customizable weather app always available in your menu bar.

Ask User

Widget for websites that helps to get feedback from customers and build products they want.


Improved Dock for macOS


Dark Theme for Todoist has (finally) arrived!

Notion Dark Mode

Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized.

macOS Mojave Dark Mode

Apple announced dark mode in new macOS 11.4

Port Kit

Play Windows Games on Mac

Kanban Mail

A Kanban Board for your emails

Opera Dark Theme

Fast, secure, easy-to-use browser

Docker Doc Dark Mode

Documentation for Docker

Reddit Night Mode

Your Username -> Night Mode

Slack Black Theme

Apply a dark theme to Slack for Mac

WIP Chat

A community of makers motivating each other to ship

OSX Dark Mode

System Preferences -> General -> Use dark menu

Firefox DevTools

By default

Crypto Jobs List

#1 Board to Find Blockchain Job

Chrome DevTools

Chrome -> Dev tools -> Settings -> Preferences -> Theme -> Dark

Slack Black Theme

Follow the instruction on site

GitHub Dark

Follow the instruction on site


Settings -> Labs -> Night Shift

Midnight Lizard

Default color theme or different color schemes for your favorite websites


Anonymous and easy-to-use crypto portfolio tracker and related news

Crypto Compare

Developers -> Turn Lights Off

Coin Market Cap

Night Mode: On


Settings -> Dark Theme

Hacker News Dark

Follow the instruction on site

Trello Night

Follow the instruction on site

Product Hunt Dark

Follow the instruction on site

Twitter Web Dark Theme

Twitter client for the Mac

Tweetbot for Mac

Beautiful interface with light & dark themes, multiple-column support and much more.

Medium Dark Plugin

Intstall Chrome Add-on

Telegram Mac

Preferences -> General - Dark Mode

Telegram Windows 10 (Unigram)

By Default in Mobile and Desktop

Facebook Messager for Mac (Caprine)

View -> Toggle Dark Mode

Google Search Dark

Follow the instruction on site

Gmail Dark Mode

Follow the instruction on site

Duck Duck Go

Settings -> More Theme -> Dark

Skype Mac

Settings -> Theme -> Dark

Reddit Dark Plugin

Follow the instruction on site

Sublime Dark Theme

Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Theme -> Adaptive


Follow the instruction on site

Vim Dark Theme

Follow the instruction on site


Follow the instruction on site

IntelliJ / PyCharm/ PhpStorm

Follow the instruction on site


Follow the instruction on site

Visual Studio Code

Follow the instruction on site

Upterm Terminal

By default


Settings -> Night Mode


Theme-switching for Emacs based on daytime or geo

Crontab Guru

By default

Regex 101

Setting -> Theme -> Dark

Amazing Marvin

Menu -> Switch to night theme


Setting -> Appearance -> Dark

YouTube Dark

Profile -> Dark Theme On

Facebook Dark

Follow the instruction on site


Follow the instruction on site

Baby Buddy

Click in moon icon on the right

Dark Reader

Follow the instruction on site

Van Secrets

Night icon in the lower right corner

MS Team

Avatar -> Hovering over Themes -> Dark.


Color palettes -> OmniFocus Dark.


View -> Dark Theme

Windows 10

Settings -> Personalization - >Colors -> Dark


Settings -> General & Preferences -> Dark Theme


Open team collaboration


Reporting and BI dashboard software that accelerates your growth


The best Inbox by Gmail client for Mac


Spend less time on tracking your time and creating invoices


Track your video game collection and see what your friends are playing


All in One Bookmark Manager


The average review times of the most popular app stores.


Google analytics bliss for your websites


A fun to use lightweight planning app that ensures you always know what to work on right now.


MastermindJam gives you a trustworthy group of peers for ongoing feedback about your business


Turn your Mac into Dark Mode by automatically dimming all background windows

Turn Off the Lights

Make web darken

Timing App

Automatic time & productivity tracker for Mac

Menstrual Period Tracker

Ovulation and Period Calendar

Local by Flywheel

Local WordPress development made simple

macOS Mojave Dark Mode

Chrome theme designed to seamlessly blend into macOS Mojave's Dark Mode


Dark mode for Google Docs


A simple MacOS menu bar app that notifies you if any of your websites go down!

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